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Are you ready for a leakproof RV roof?

North Star RV Roof LLC, is your local FlexArmor Authorized Applicator  

What we do!

Changing the RV world!

FlexArmor is a revolutionary sprayed RV roof alternative for RV owners. The main principle behind FlexArmor is if you remove the caulking joints found on an RV roof, you remove the potential for leaks. FlexArmor is a completely seamless RV roof and is also a tougher material than other RV roofs. This means incidents with trees at your favorite campground won’t lead to a costly repair.

With a FlexArmor roof you get:

  • A lifetime, fully transferable, written, NO Leak Guarantee

  • A network of trained professionals to inspect and fix, if needed, your RV roof

  • A Guarantee that is not tied to one location. If, for some reason, your original shop is no longer doing FlexArmor, you can go anywhere

  • Decreased sound from rain

  • An RV exclusive product with a proven success record and good reputation in the RV industry

  • No more yearly treatments or recaulking

  • No more worries of minor impacts, at 3500 psi tear strength, it’s pretty hard to puncture

  • Increased insulation from the 3/16th inch thick material and bright white UV topcoat

No more maintenance.

No more messy caulking, Or climbing around on the roof. Sounds good right?

Guaranteed leak free, For life!

As long as your RV is on the road lawn or otherwise you're protected.

and since the warrantee is transferable, its sellable.

Give your future buyers even more reasons to go with you.

Peace of mind.

Never worry about your roof leaking again... Go have fun instead.


What is FlexArmor

FlexArmor RV Roof is the only sprayed, pure polyurea in the RV industry. It is an A and B chemical that is applied by authorized applicators at various locations. Since it is an A and B chemical, it has an extremely fast gel time and is dry to the touch in 6 seconds. This allows FlexArmor roofs to be 188 mils (3/16") thick and is 3 times thicker than any other options in the industry. The typical RV roof materials such as EPDM rubber, TPO and fiberglass are 30-60 mils thick.


All Work on Your RV Roof is Done Indoors

FlexArmor roofs are completed indoors in well established locations. Performing the work indoors allows the applicators to completely strip old existing caulk from the roof and remove components such as air conditioners without worrying about changing weather. When a FlexArmor roof is applied, your roof is taken down to the bare basics, the substrate cleaned and prepared for your new roof.

Below are some photos of FlexArmor (left)
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